No Unhallowed Hand: Part II, Challenges

It didn’t take long for Satan and his minions to seek to destroy Joseph and his credibility. But Joseph was, in some way, an unwilling contributor to his own challenges. But this is not unique.

How often do we bare some responsibilities for our own trials?

This was a time in American history when the search for hidden treasure was a more common occurrence. As word got out that Joseph had access to buried treasure, those involved in this pursuit sought him out.

At first, Joseph resisted such senseless solicitations. But eventually, the lure of a job and the potential promise of wealth got the better of him. So he joined the buried treasure craze of the day.

He quickly regretted this.

As a result of this unwise decision, Joseph developed the reputation of a treasure seeker – a label that was not conducive for one soon to be a prophet.

But some of Satan’s attempt had nothing to do with Joseph’s own lack of judgement.

On the night he was to secure the plates, numerous thugs, who outwardly called Joseph a fraud, secretly believed him. So they hid themselves along Joseph’s path in an attempt to wrest the plates from him.

We need to understand the real threat this represented.

Moments after he retrieved the plates, Joseph was forced to fight for his life to bring them home. In fact, Joseph was convinced he could not make it safely home with the plates. So, clearly understanding that Moroni charged him with the care of the plates, he was forced to hide this priceless gold record in a rotting log.

This desperate act showed how serious the threat was to Joseph and the plates. After that harrowing night, Joseph was able to return to that log and retrieve the plates.

On several subsequent occasions, Joseph had to take extreme measures to protect the plates. He had to enclose them in the masonry of their fireplace to hide them from home invaders.

One time, he hid the plates in a barrel of beans thwarting the potential raid of highwaymen seeking to rob Joseph.

But the greatest threat to bringing about this book of scripture resulted from a combination of Joseph’s lack of judgement and Satan’s subtlety. This is the tale of the 116 pages.

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