Endings and Beginings

Each ending we face in life is an invitation for a new beginning.

As we are all aware, there will be a reorganization of several wards in our Stake on Sunday. As a result there will be a four-ward meeting to be held on Sunday, May 25 at 10:00 a.m. at the Stake Center. For those unaware, we meet in the Stake Center. There will be no other meeting that day. So teachers do not need to prepare any lessons.

At this meeting, the Stake Presidency will present to us the official boundary changes. Of course there are several unofficial boundary changes floating around, mostly in people’s minds. I suggest we all simply wait until Sunday.

While the ward reorganizations represent an unknown ending, it also provides each of us a chance for a beginning.

Many of us will get new callings, see changes in our familiar home and visiting teach routes, meet at a different and associate new people. Things will be different. But different need not imply something bad.

This change may be unsettling for some, but we have all been through this before. Those who have been in Day Break for any amount of time have grown used to this type of change.

As great as our ward has been in its current configuration, it is fair to assume these boundary changes will create wards just as great.

This is a change that is best embraced and enjoyed.

On a personal note, this will be the last time I post on this web site.

I want to thank the handful of regular readers for your time and attention. It has been a delight maintain this site and share information with you.

We are also facing endings and beginnings as we prepare to move away from Day Break.

Thank you so much for you caring, sharing, service and love. We will miss our close association with you.

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