When the Great Plan of Happiness Hits Close to Home

To say her death was unexpected is an understatement.

Death is rarely expected and even less frequently desired.

But her death caught us all off guard. None of us was prepared. Continue reading

The Temple: A Personal Reflection

The temple has been the focus of my life.

On August 20, 1982, I picked up Karen at her sister’s home in American Fork, and drove north to the Jordan River temple. It was our wedding day.

Rather than being a peaceful event, that day and those leading up to our sealing were crazy. Continue reading

Diverse Gifts

When my brother was serving in the MTC, a member of his district was an amature magician. During those more stressful times in the classroom, this gifted elder would break the tension by performing some amazing feat of prestidigitation.

In seconds, the mood would lighten allowing the elders and sisters to refocus their attention and continue to study. Continue reading

A Kinder, Gentler Me

The problem with writing about General Conference is I can only convey my personal impressions. It is highly likely your experiences will be different. But this is so with most important things in the gospel.

Two people can hear the same talk, read the same scriptures, or sit side by side at the temple and come away with two totally different, yet totally correct, points of view. Continue reading