Potatoes and Good Health

drpotSister Debbye Cannon has provided two new flyers regarding food storage and personal preparedness. Please each link below:




Everyone Loves Pasta

pastaWe have been taught that we should make sure to store things we will eat. Pasta is one of those food items almost everyone loves to eat.

Debbye Cannon has created a flyer containing ideas and recipes that makes storing pasta as easy as eating it. Please click the link below to access this information.


Home Storage Center

homestorage1Here is an announcement from the Bishop’s Storehouse Home Storage Center:

Pre-pack sales will continue and we ask members to use the home storage center as a resources for pre-pack food storage items. In addition to the pre-pack list, we will continue to have bulk sales in 25 lbs. white and red wheat. Call 801 561 8104 for more information.

Click the object below for the Home Storage Center Short Order form that includes products and pricing.



Whimsical Wheat

wheatIf you are Mormon and you have food storage, there is a high probability that you have wheat. And why not? Wheat can store forever.

But, in the event you have to use your wheat, what then? Besides grinding it to flour and making bread, what else can you do with wheat?

Well, Debyee Cannon has some great ideas. Click the link below to learn more.