Using Multiple Tabs on Your Browser

To be more effective when using Family Search, you should become familiar in working with multiple tabs on your browser. This way you can easily move back and forth between different sites without losing your place.

All major browsers support multiple tabs.

In Google Chrome, you will see something similar to the following on the top of the browser’s menu bar.


By clicking the empty tab image, a new tab displays.


Now you click between tabs.

Note: You can find the same feature set in any of the following common browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Creating a Family Search Account

Before you begin the process to locate a name to take to the temple, you will first need an account on Family Search. This account is free and the process will be much faster if you have the following accessible:

  • Personal E-Mail address
  • Mobile phone number that can send and receive text messages
  • Member record number – on your temple recommend or can be obtained from your ward clerk.

Note: To use these instructions more effectively, open a new tab in your browser so you can toggle back and forth between the Family Search site and these instruction. Click here for more information.

To create an account:

Open a new tab in your browser and go to

At the top, right corner, click Free Account

Enter the fields as requested.

Note: The web site will provide you potential usernames, but you can make up one if you wish.

The password instructions are to the right of the password box.

Note: Once you enter your proposed password, the system will rank it as strong or weak. Don’t stress over the strength of your password. Just choose one you can remember.

When done, click Continue.

The next screen will ask some basic questions about you.

You need to provide the site a method to contact you in the event you forget your username and password.

You have two options:

  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone

When done, click Continue.

The final step is to add some limited personal information.

If you answer Yes to being LDS, the site will request your membership record number.

Note: If you do not have access to that number, you can still proceed with creating the account.

When done, click Create an Account.

In this example, I chose my mobile phone as my recovery method. For that reason, the site sent a text to my device and provided me a code.  five
Enter the code.

Click Verify.

If you did so correctly, you will be presented the successful message.

Click OK, I’m done.

Now logon with your new username and password.

Click Sign In.

After a successful logon, your name displays at the top right corner of the browser.  eight

Taking an Ancestor to the Temple

microfilmTo the casual observer, the concept of taking an ancestor to the temple is filled with images of pedigree charts, family group sheets, thick books of remembrances, and miles of microfilm.

But, as we should all be aware, the grunt work of genealogy has been dramatically simplified and much of it can be done from your personal computer.

familysearchTo assist in tearing down the barrier that genealogy is best left to Aunt Mable, who is well into her 80s, below you will find links that can help expose you to the new technology that even you can participate in.