Are You Ready?

The Founders Park Stake will be hosting an emergency preparedness fair called Are You Ready. Here are the details:

Date:  Saturday, May 20

Time:  10: a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Where: American Academy of Innovations, 5410 West, S. Jordan Parkway

Click here for more detailed information.

So Many Oils, Who Knew?

Yes, I am a kitchen neophyte (not Nephite).

If you can’t toast, microwave, or boil it, then it is well beyond my cooking ken.

As one with a serious case of DKS (dysfunctional kitchen syndrome) I was unaware that there were so many diverse cooking oils.

I thought there was only Crisco and Pam, or the Western Family substitutes.

It is obvious that, unlike me, Debbye Cannon is not a victim of DKS.

In the attached PDF she provides insights on different oils and their targeted uses.

Avocado oil? I thought we called that guacamole…


Cooking Staples

Okay, I hate to admit this but when I saw Debbye Cannon’s display outside the Relief Society room about cooking staples I secretly wondered what as better, cooking staples or paper clips.

Of course, she was not talking about those pesky metal staples I forget to remove when I scan documents. Rather, she was explaining the basic food items need in a prepared kitchen.

So I guess my thoughts of a staple and paper clip stew was unfounded.

For more information , please click the link below.


Check your 72 Hour Kit

If you are like most of us, once you make the commitment to complete your family’s 72 hour kit, there is a sense of relief. That is one more thing you have been putting off for years that you completed. With a sense of pride and accomplishment you consider that project complete and move on.

Well, Debbye Cannon is sending out her annual reminder that your long-ago completed 72 hour kit should be regularly updated. Read her suggestions by click the icon below.



Don’t Forget the Paperwork!

paperIn an emergency, the first thing on your mind in your quest for survival is food, shelter, and clothing.

The last thing on your mind is your insurance papers.

So, to avoid forgetting such vital records, Sister Debbye Cannon has provided great insights of how to prepare critical paperwork so it is easy to gather when your mind is cluttered with more urgent matters.

Please click the link below for more information.




Dinner in a Hurry

luckyMy idea of dinner in a hurry is a large bowl of Lucky Charms. It has eight essential vitamins and all the basic food groups – grain, diary, and tiny marsh mellows. Okay, not all the food groups, but they are magically delicious.

Obviously, Sister Debbye Cannon sees the concept of dinner in a hurry a bit differently than I do. Most likely, her ideas are far more sustainable than mine.

Please click the link below to get some “other” ideas about nutritious dinners in a hurry.


Luck Charm aficionados, unite!!!