Karen’s Health Journey – Thursday, November 8

So yesterday was yet another brutal day. I started dealing with the external necessities of death. I contacted our health and life insurance providers and arranged for Hospice care. Everyone has been so kind and I value their experiences because it made uncomfortable conversations much easier.

Andrew and Nancy talked with their five children who have been living with us for the past year and a half to let them know that grandma was coming home to die. I know that was a hard conversation but they seem ready. It will still be hard for them.

When I got home we removed all items from Karen’s office to prepare for the hospital bed Hospice will deliver later today. This was our first step in the process of dismantling various parts of Karen’s life. In the days and weeks ahead there will be more of this.

We also spent time going through the finances and I am so glad she is so organized. Her decades long attention to our financial health leaves us with a solid foundation so transitioning that responsibly from her to me should not be that disruptive. Of course, Andrew and Nancy have their doubts as the first financial transaction I attempted didn’t go as planned.

I sent out word today that visitors at the hospital are now welcomed. The staff here is decreasing the level of care and expressed a willingness to work around visitors. If you do come, please note that Karen will not be responsive. We are all convinced that she can hear and understand what is happening around her. So if you’re local, please come. She is in room 3318 of the ICU at the Payson hospital.

I am anticipating a visit from Hospice today to determine the time we will be taking Karen home. We invite all to come see her at our home starting Friday. I will post more information about times once I have them.

Yes, it is sad, very sad. But as I drove to the hospital today I was reminded that I don’t have a monopoly on sadness. To hear of so many who lost their lives in a mass shooting in California makes me appreciate that I had the time to ease Karen into her next phase of life. But it is still sad.

If this is your first post, please click here to get the full story of Karen’s Health Journey.

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