Karen’s Health Journey – Friday, November 2

I typically get up much earlier than Karen does. When I arose, I was glad she fell asleep in bed and not on the floor somewhere. She was in a deep sleep so I went downstairs to my home office. A couple of times during the day I would make my way upstairs to check on her and she was still in a deep sleep.

Around 5:00 a kind neighbor had called Karen and said she wanted to visit with her for a few minutes. Karen was glad for the visit and she was able to shower and get dressed. But she was quite lethargic. Her walking was unsteady. But I attributed that to being extremely tired. She visited with her friend and then sat in the family room for a few minutes and promptly fell asleep.

She had to be exhausted because Rachel had two friends over to add the five children already in our home. They were eating waffles and the joy of breakfast for dinner raised the noise level quiet high. Still, Karen slept on.

When I finished eating, I woke her up and told her to go to bed. This time there was no argument. She walked back to the bedroom. Got ready for bed. And was asleep in minutes. None of us were alarmed at this. She was sick and needed rest. So we proceeded with our regular Friday night activities unconcerned about her health.

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