Elder I. Batman: Thou Shalt Not Judge

Here is an excerpt from Elder I. Batman’s recent letter home:

We found a golden investigator. And at first glance you wouldn´t think so. I learned a great lesson this week. We recieved a reference for Gabriel. Gabriel is a friend of a less active boy in our ward, Rodrigo. Rodrigo is 14, and Gabriel is 18. I have seen Gabriel probably 10 times before in the street smoking cigarettes. He has got a lot of piercings, and his hair died in different ways. I judged him. I looked at him with my eyes and not the way God sees him. I was so wrong. He started smoking in January because his Dad passed away the day after Christmas. He´s never been baptized in any church and he wants to change.
 We taught him about the God´s Plan for us and he was very happy to know he would see his father again. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him and how that is a crucial role in returning with our families forever.  We felt very strongly to invite him to be baptized on June 3rd, just after the first lesson. He said without doubt in his voice yes. We returned the next day and he told us that he had already invited all of us his friends to his baptism and that he´s really excited for it. We invited him and Rodrigo to live the word of wisdom by quitting smoking. They are trying hard to quit and I know they will quit completely in the next couple of days.

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