Elder S. Searle: Meeting an Apostle

Here is an excerpt from Elder S. Searle’s recent letter home:

Hey every human, animal, alien centennial, and NSA agent who are actually reading the things I send! This week has been pretty eventful! I got to see an actual apostle!!!! Holy cow!!! It was sooooooooo awesommmmmmeeeeee!!! President Russel M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve, Elder Stacy and Elder Christensen’s of the Seventy’s talks to all the missionaries were so uplifting and Nelson’s confirmed that he was a witness of Christ. He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, sharing with us undeniable truths that would have never been learned if it wasn’t for that book! We helped some people move in a more secluded area. Elder Gooch and I have a newfound paranoia with ticks, so now wherever we go that involves a deeper travel into the woods we get worried we’re going to get Lyme Disease or the new disease that takes only 30 minutes to take effect.​

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