Elder S. Searle: Faith Can be Hard

Here is an excerpt from Elder S. Searle’s recent letter home:

A lot of our investigators struggle to have Faith… big time. They’ll pray and even receive an answer telling them what we taught, or what they read, or what they should do next is true, but then the doubts start flying through their head faster than a cheetah with a jet-pack. Chauntel, for example, prayed to find someone who would teach her more about God and what she should do, and then we talked to her at the park. She even said she knew that these things were true in her heart, but then she decided that she wanted to do things for herself. It’s hard when that happens, but sometimes you have to let people find the truth for themselves, because we have all of it, we just can’t force it on others. Another example is Scotty, we got him to do a baptismal interview, but moments before he walked through the door, fear overcame him and he had a bunch of random questions about things that weren’t important. Now time for some good news hahaha, an example of someone who did use religion, rather than talk about it, is named Azael Gonzales. He called us during our studies not too long ago asking us to teach him more about the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. We taught him and he knew that everything was true, on top of that he called us and told us he was ready to be baptized.

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