Elder I. Batman: The Work of Miracles

Here is an excerpt from Elder I. Batman’s recent letter home:

I´m gonna say it again man, this is a work of miracles. I love my job as a missionary. I really feel this week that the Lord has blessed us so much.
One of our investigators, Graciela Veliz, will be baptized this Saturday.  Before, she was basically atheist. She was angry at God for taking her son at a young age and for her husband leaving her for another woman. She has felt so lonely, unloved, and unimportant. She only saw the bad in life, not the good. It´s incredible to see the progress in her. She has changed so much. She radiates with light now. She is happy. I know that she feels the love of God in her life. She understands that she will see her son again after this life. She looks at life with optimism. Her burdens have became light through the miracle of repentance. Elder Garcia and I have felt that we have became tools in the hands of the Lord while teaching her. As if that God has chosen her to come into the fold, as if he was with us teaching her. 

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