Sister B. Chandler: Feeling the Spirit at Church

Here is an excerpt from Sister B. Chandler’s recent letter home:

Shamika is doing very well. We had a lesson with her on Saturday discussing the Plan of Salvation. He really liked the part about the spirit world and how people who didn’t or haven’t yet had the chance to accept the gospel can participate in the next life. Then, we talked about temples and baptisms for the dead. She and her daughters and grandson came to church yesterday as well. And in gospel principles the spirit was strong. I asked Shamika what she felt here, “she said something good.” Her daughter (who we had never met until church) said she “loved” what she felt and that she needed to becoming to this church more. I think we’ve got a new potential investigator:) The cutest thing was during sacrament Shamika’s grandson was being a little talkative (he’s one) so I opened a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon and showed him the picture of Jesus. He took the book from my hands and went and kissed the picture right on Jesus’s face. AWWHHH. My heart melted. It was so wonderful having them at church so they could feel the spirit in stronger abundance. They can’t wait to come back next Sunday.

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