Sister A. Chandler: Finding Directions

Here is an excerpt from Sister A. Chandler’s recent letter home:

Saturday we went out to the Buenos Aires Oeste Mission and we hade proselitismo and it was BOMB! We had 35 contacts, 6 leccionjes, 2 libros de mormón placed, 8 referrals, 8 pamphlets given out too… And i got 30 bug bites!!! Help us all!!!! God is glorious and his Milagros are abounding. Funny story.. Our night teacher, Paredes, told us that if we want a way to contact someone, and teach them , ask them for the directions for your friends house.. por ejemplo.. “Oh hi, I’m looking for Washington street, and my friend Louis lives there.. we are going to share a message about eternal families and love.. do you believe in God” Hno. Padedes said that people will usually talk with you or just tell you the street,.. And that if they want to walk with you,, RUN! So.. we tried this method making up a person and listing off a street we had passed.. AND HE FREAKING WALKED US TO THAT STREET: We were like.. oh yeah there’s that street! And bless his heart he missed his bus, but at least we gave him a pass along card! but man oh man.. #paredesfail


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