Elder S. Searle: On Being Tenacious

Here is an excerpt from Elder S. Searle’s recent letter home:

Interesting story, so one of these days we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house, and we couldn’t get back in until the members came back and unlocked it for us. So we decided to walk around to our upcoming appointments, and while we did we decided to talk to these women that were sitting outside. Their names were Kristy and Candy, another lady named Irene also came out, and they were recent converts to the Catholic faith, but when we told them that there was a living prophet on the Earth they were astounded. We visited a lot of members to check and see how they were doing, one woman in particular was named sister Cain. She used to be really active in the church, but then recently stopped going. The reason that was assumed was that they were to busy, but in reality she was praying to feel the spirit and was having a hard time recognizing it.

Lesson: People have concerns they will not bring up to the surface unless you dig.

The coolest thing happened not too long ago. So last Saturday after the U-haul fiasco, we tried calling numerous amount of people and stop by others, but nobody seemed to want to talk to us. People dropped us and we had to drop others. More investigators were not interested in coming to church. That night I prayed with all my heart that people would realize the importance of this gospel, and that they would feel the spirit show some truth and a miracle to them, not for my own proof, but for their help. The next day for church, two of our investigators showed up and a bunch of less actives that have not been to church in a long time. One of the investigators, Scotty, said that after church he felt good about being baptized. Not only that, but another investigator who dropped us earlier came back after working things out with his family. On top of that eve, we taught a super cool mini lesson to another investigator named Kat, and she seemed super impressed with the things we had to say. All of these things would not have been even remotely possible if it wasn’t for the hand of god in our lives and the sacrifice that was made for us.

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