Elder S. Searle: Investigator Update

Here is an excerpt from Elder S. Searle’s recent letter home:

We had a lesson with a Less active named Anastasia and her friend who isn’t a member named Erica. While I was on an exchange for this, the report back was that she seemed to be interested in the message that was shared, and excited that she doesn’t have to worry about her daughter being an unbaptized infant (or a swear word that starts with a b). Scotty seems to be struggling with acting on his knowledge, if he was willing to repent then we could make progress, but his concerns are with tithing (he poor) and Joseph Smith shooting people in Carthidge. We also had a church tour with Hunter and her boyfriend. We might have gone a little overboard with information, but she seemed to be comfortable with the peace and serenity that our church provides (they also liked the architecture of all the different temples! This is cool: We found and taught a guy named Trevor Johnson, we only found him because we skipped one door the day before, and we don’t know why. We then went back sometime in the next week and he was only there for the day babysitting. He said he would of usually shooed us away, but he had a lot of stuff on his mind. After we taught him a bit of the plan of salvation and then the restoration, he wondered how he could become a mormon himself! The spirit is awesome! Now for the sad story, we had 7 people coming to church, and all of them dropped us because they were either too busy, too tired, too lazy, too drunk, or didn’t have a ride. Satan!!!!!!!!!

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