Elder S. Searle: Finding Investigators

Here is an excerpt from Elder S. Searle’s recent letter home:

Now for investigators I have one sad story and one good story. The sad story is that Jennifer, the same woman who opened to random pages in a religion book to Mormons and was so excited to be baptized… dropped us within two days. It’s okay though, because I know that god has a will for everyone, and that just means me and Elder Gooch have to try harder to keep the people that we find. It’s amazing the finding we’ve been able to achieve however, this week alone we found like 20 potential investigators!!! The trick is to keep them hahaha. The cool story I have is that one day it was pouring rain outside and it was getting close to time to go home. We felt like we should drive around and we felt impressed to stop at a specific point. We knocked on 3 doors, the first two didn’t answer, but the 3rd opened to a woman who mentioned it was a bit late for us to visit. We asked if we could stop by another night, and she said the next day earlier. We come by an hour earlier… not there. We stop by late again, she says to come earlier, we say we did, but she tells us to try again. We come back 15 minutes afterwards, and she’s there. She had questions about why there were so many churches on the Earth, and the things we shared with her were things she has never heard before. We invited her to be baptized, and she said yes!

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