Sister R. Moore: Two Birthday Miracles

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

We had an awesome miracle on Friday. I think the thing I’ve learned most on my mission, is talk to everyone, be a light, and God will guide you to be in the right situations at the right times. We were walking out of the library that morning after working on our progress report, and we gave this sweet lady a card with the Easter video on it. As we were driving home, we got a call…that lady had actually called us! She said that we were so uplifting to talk to and she had an address for us to go visit her friend!!! Talk about miracles!

Fast forward a bit, we were doing our weekly planning and we both had a random prompting to go check on the referral right then, not waiting for the evening when usually it’s easier to catch people at home. We went- and no one answered. But there was a guy that was power washing a house next door. After spending 5 minutes waving him down, he took a quick break and we started talking to him. Before we knew it he said he’d been searching for something because his wife passed away 5 years ago and he was so happy to invite us over on go talk to him and his 13 year old son next week!

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