Elder S. Searle: Learning from Trials

Here is an excerpt from Elder S. Searle’s recent letter home:

This week has been a bit more of a learning from trials experience. A lot of the people we had with a baptismal date have all had their pitfalls with different things we need to pray hard about. The Fuller Family shows that the daughter Arinda has that desire, although she seems a little nervous, but her mother seems to have her mind elsewhere and we feel like it would be a different situation if we talked to her alone. We also had a lesson with the Williams family, and they all seem to have different concerns and different levels of interest, so we hope w can find a way to attend to everyone. Scotty seems to know the truth in the things we teach him, but we’re not sure what is keeping him back. Jacob and Alyssa passed their baptismal interviews, but they don’t have a ride to church and we don’t want them to be inactive at the get go. Although it seems like all of them are so far from reaching that entrance point into eternal progression, I always have to remind myself that people are not numbered in God’s eyes, and that the expectations don’t always align with God’s will for others. All I need to focus on is if I’m doing everything I need to as his servant so I can bring those he has prepared to happiness.

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