Elder J. Jarman: Coffee and Commandments

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Jarman’s recent letter home:

The investigator we met last week came to general conference! And she loves our members! We only have like 30ish, And they all love her! It was the first time in a long time that we have gotten an
investigator to come to church, much less General Conference, and they were all so glad, it made my heart melt. Holy cow, I wish I could give ’em all of New York😭❤️

Yesterday, this same lady tried to buy us coffee when we taught her the Restoration, so we told her we couldn’t drink coffee. Or alcohol. Or tea. Or smoke tobacco. And this lady. Wow. She took out a notebook and starts writing down what we say, and says “what other commandments do you have? I don’t wanna forget.” So the real miracle here is that she doesn’t know anything about our  church except for the Word of Wisdom and she still wants to join! She’s amazing😄😁


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