Sister E. Moore: The Joys of Street Contacting

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

This week we traveled from Bowie to Kensington to DC to McLean, VA to Gaithersburg and back again. If you couldn’t guess we really racked up our miles. We had a meeting by the temple, exchanges in DC and Gaithersburg, and a doctors appointment in VA! Yay for cars (actually guys I hate traveling in the car. 😕) 

The exchanges were really great! I left for both of them so I had fun STREET CONTACTING!!!!! in the city! I never get to do that in Bowie since no one is outside. So it was awesome 🙂 although I did have a few interesting experiences. Ex. A: I asked someone what was the first word that came to their mind when they saw a picture of Jesus and they said “liar, I’m a satanist” and ex. B another guy almost made my cry by yelling a bunch of lies about our church and not letting me say anything and just saying I knew it was true. Haha #welcometothecity. It was really exciting!

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