Elder J. Jarman: Week of Service

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Jarman’s recent letter home:

A lot happened this week. For starters, the huge blizzard we were supposed to get almost completely missed Flushing. It hit Staten Island, but up here we got only 5 inches. We did a volunteer shoveling service, where people who need help can call NYC and they send out people to shovel for free. Because it took so long for the called to work their way down the communication line from the city to the church, we didn’t get the calls till the day after. By then, the snow was all ice!! So we got to clear this giant snow bank out from in front of somebody’s driveway! And it wasn’t a whole lot of snow but because it was so hard, it took a while. We had to borrow an actual shovel from his house to break the snow into movable pieces!

We’ve had a ton of unplanned service opportunities this week too. We’ve spent a lot of time pushing cars, digging out parking spots, and clearing driveways for people. Unfortunately, because of all the snow that Staten Island received, we didn’t have a chance to go and help that Elderly Korean  couple from last week move their tree. We’ll see if we can do that this week! It’s like, 2 hours out of our area, so we’ll have a lot of time on a bus and subway.


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