Elder J. Morgan: Meeting New People

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Morgan’s recent letter home:

We talked with a young man named Artur at the doorstep of his apartment, and he told us that he goes to church, and that all you need to have is Faith and believe in God. I then informed him that that is wonderful to Believe and have faith, and that in addition a person must repent, be baptized, receive the gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end. So he has the first step, but the last 4 he has yet to complete. I also talked about the need for Authority, without Authority, a saving ordinance such as Baptism does not count! After talking with him for a few minutes, he was willing to meet with us, and I hope we can meet with him this week.

Another experience is when we contacted in the park and had a good conversation with a woman named Natasha who is studying at the University in Balti. She asked some good questions, one of which that was How could Joseph see God Face to Face? It’s written in the bible that no man has seen God face to face. We then told her of some examples, such as Moses talking to God on mount Sinai, and also Paul hearing the voice of the Lord, e.t.c, that God always talks to Prophets, and why not today? After much talk, She seemed to be interested in our message. She is a baptist, and we tried our best to apply our message to her, and we will hopefully meet with her this week.


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