Elder J. Jarman: A Piece of God’s Puzzle

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Jarman’s recent letter home:

On Saturday, we were visiting a referral that was a 30 minute bus ride from our normal proselyting area.  We were a little late leaving the
apartment. We were in a rush, but before I left, I grabbed a bunch of spare change. I have no idea why. I still have to idea why. But, when  we were on the bus coming back from that referrals house, there was a couple that needed change for 4 dollars.

Guess what I had ‘for no reason’ grabbed this morning.


I’m still just amazed at the odds. Nobody has ever need change on a bus I’ve been on. I’ve never had change on me in the 5 months I’ve been out. God truly sends people our way.

At this point, I pick up my jaw off the floor and tell them I’ve got change. We start talking and I find out they’re Christians. I get their information and give them a Chinese Restoration pamphlet.

I’m not sure what happened since then, but it’s just extraordinary to be a piece of a puzzle so big, and everything still just clicks into place.

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