Sister R. Moore: Investigator Report

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

It’s always the best feeling when your investigators begin to understand and grasp the blessings of the gospel… so much that they do actually sacrifice for it. We saw that firsthand a bunch this week. I guess I’ll just go through the list:

-Julio, our investigator who works in NY 95% of the time (so we just passed him to the elders up there) told us this week that he deactivated all of his social media so that he could focus on reading from the Book of Mormon and getting an answer. He wants so badly to eliminate distractions so he can read and come to know for himself! Go Julio!

-Our recent convert Carlos asked us if we could go to the store to have our lesson this week. Why? “So we can talk to people about God” hahaha we will definitely be bringing him out finding more 🙂

-We met a guy named Harge from India and invited him to institute and church, and the first thing he asked was “How many people? 300? I’ll bring water bottles for everyone- not everyone likes drinking out of the water fountain.” We got him to just bring a case for institute, but it was SO SWEET of him. What a selfless guy!

-OK, so our investigator Holly is basically perfect. She even makes sugar cookies that are TO DIE FOR. But anyways, before we even mentioned keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, she went to get work off on Sundays, and was offered a huge raise, bonus, and money from customers to stay on Sundays (she is a high-demand swim teacher)- AND SHE IMMEDIATELY TURNED IT DOWN. She said it wasn’t that hard of a decision- wow, I am simply amazed by her. She is so prepared, and I love being a part of her life


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