Sister E. Moore: Book of Mormom Miracle

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

Okay do you remember how I said we were working with a former minister? Eric Ratliff? Yeah so we’re still working with him and you’ll never believe what happened this week!!!! HE AGREED TO READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!! Seriously we have been so nervous for his appointments because we were afraid he would bash us. And while he does have some things he didn’t agree with, he always listened kindly.

This week we told him the only way he will know if it is true or not is if he read and he finally said yes (which is better than what he did before, and that was just pray about reading it). AND his wife told us at church that he had already started reading it.

#miracleofmiracles. His heart is being softened. Keep him in your prayers!



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