Sister E. Moore: Work Hard, Pray Hard

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Morgan’s recent letter home:

It can be really hard when you have no appointments set up and a full day of finding. That is not my ideal day as a missionary, I love teaching! But it happens and it is always for the right reasons. We tried really hard setting up an appointment for Sunday, especially in the evening when it gets dark, but that was to no avail. So we prayed hard that we could have some success in our finding efforts. (Plus we couldn’t drive many places because we’re out of miles). On Sunday we were knocking doors all night, mostly at our apartment complex. We were so blessed to have many people who wanted to listen to us, it was amazing! And we met Prince and Cynthia. They opened their door and we immediately started talking about eternal families. They were very interested in that. Cynthia said they were looking for a church to go to and this must be a message from God that this is where they need to go! That is the best thing to hear as a missionary. We saw her again a little bit later because they were leaving to go somewhere and she thanked us again and explained how both of their mothers had died and us coming to their door was an answer to a prayer. It was so amazing! 

So moral of the story: Keep working hard, even if it seems like there is no success, even if it seems like God isn’t answering your prayers. He is answering them, just in a way you don’t expect. Trust in God’s plan, it’s always better. 



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