Sister E. Moore: Never Give Up Hope

Here is and expert from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

Our bishop here in Bowie is pretty much the best bishop ever. After having dinner at his house he gave us 6 referrals! We spent a majority of these last 2 days checking up on them. And so far one of them has agreed to meet with us.

Eric Sr. is a stubborn man. He grew up Catholic but goes to a Christian church and is a former minister. He also is a veteran and is missing a leg. He is a nice man but not super supportive that his wife and kids joined the church 6 years ago. Missionaries have tried to teach him in the past but he has never been open to it. Bishop told us to ask him directly so we decided to be bold. We went Saturday night and knocked but no one answered so we went down the street to knock a few more doors since we didn’t want to just knock one door and leave.

When we came back a new car was in the drive way that hadn’t previously been there so we decided to knock again. Eric answered the door but immediately called for his wife since he figured we were here to see her. She came down and we talked to her for a few minutes and told her we wanted to ask her husband to listen to the discussions.

She said that’s fine but lots of people had tried with no success. We boldly went into the other room and told Eric that the gospel had blessed his family and we had 5 lessons that would really strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ and asked him to listen. He told us he only likes the KJV of the Bible and we said we would use that and the Book of Mormon and he finally said yes. We set up a time to go teach him tomorrow! We definitely will be studying by also will be using the spirit to penetrate his heart. Pray for us!


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