He Lives!

lives1In our frequent conversations within the Church we use the term Gospel.

We have a Gospel Doctrine Sunday school class.

There is the Gospel in Action award.

We refer to the first four books of the New Testament as The Gospels.

But what is the Gospel?

lives2We often define the word gospel as “the good news.” This term is a vital part of the Christmas story when the angel, announcing the birth of Jesus, declared “glad tidings of great joy,” or good news.

But what is the good news?

The scriptures are filled with instructional stories, divine teachings, and necessary commandments. But the true value of these sacred words are how they clarify the good news by testifying of Christ.

But what do we need to know about Christ?

Obviously, the gospel, good news, and scriptures all interconnected. Their single purpose is to help us come to know Christ during our mortal journey when we, for this brief part of our eternal lives, are only allowed to see things through a glass, darkly.

lives3But why through a glass, darkly?

The Doctrine and Covenants teaches us that we all lived as God’s spirit children before coming to earth. While in this pre-mortal realm, God explained His singular purpose for each of us, His beloved children. He wanted us to experience the same fullness of joy and love that He obtained.

This Great Plan of Happiness demanded that we leave our heavenly home with our minds clouded by a veil forcing us to live by faith rather than knowledge. Wandering by faith alone was foreign to us. In our heavenly home, we walked and talked with God.

While purposely blinded by this veil, God knew we would all be prone to pain, sin, and worse of all, times of loneliness.

To give us hope during our required separation from God, He asked Jesus, His firstborn spirit child to take upon Him the all pain, sins, and, most important, the loneliness of each of His beloved children. The purpose of this assumption of our pains was to help Jesus understand each challenge we face as mortals.

By personally experiencing our pain, by willingly taking upon Himself our sins, and by personally feeling the debilitating power of loneliness we all face, Jesus perfectly understands how to comfort and heal us of all of our infirmities.

Not only would Christ’s atoning sacrifice allow us to overcome all divinely the appointed challenges of mortality, it was also the only way we could obtain the fullness of joy and love God had obtained.

This is the gospel.

Because of Jesus Christ, each of us is promised immortality through the resurrection, and to have the opportunity to choose eternal life, or life with God.

This is the good news.

So in our personal study, meditation, and prayer, we need to tap into Joseph’s simple yet profound testimony of Christ:

… that He lives for he saw Him even on the right hand of God.



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