Sister E. Moore: A Cookie Miracle

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

So we made cookies for a bunch of part member families we were trying to reach out to, because it’s much less scary to talk to people when we have a plate of cookies to give them. Anyway we had a list of people and we’d gone to 2 families and then there was another one not too far away but I felt strongly that we needed to go to a different one, one we didn’t have much information about. We knock on her door and say, “Hi are you Laura?” And immediately she says, “are you here because my husband died?” (Who was actually the person we wanted to see since he was in our area Book). We said we had no idea and expressed our sympathy. He died about 2 months ago but she was having a really hard time with it and had actually been suicidal. We showed her a New Years video which she absolutely loved! She kept telling us how we were her two angels sent from God. God definitely sent us there, I won’t deny that. It is so awesome when you listen to promptings and you see the results immediately! 


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