Five Hours South of the Border – Jesus and Armando

12-25-03It was at this party that Jesus (pronounced Hey Suess) and Armando came into our lives.

While at the party, Karen noticed a small boy who would follow her wherever she went. He wouldn’t say anything; he would just follow her. At one point, Karen turned to him and said “Que pasa?” The boy was stunned that she could speak Spanish and just stood there frozen, saying nothing at all.

Finally, he ran off.

Within minutes, he returned and brought Karen a piece of candy. At which point Karen asked him his name. He proudly responded: “Jesus.”

Then she asked how old he was. He boldly stated that he was seven.

Karen asked if she could give him a hug. His face lit up and he ran into her arms. At this point, Karen was in heaven. Here was a little, poor boy seeing the very first white person of his life and he was filled with love and acceptance.

Jesus next brought his brother Armando to meet Karen. He was less shy and very willing to talk up a storm. But Armando was much more interested in playing outside with his new friend Josh. Neither of them could understand each other, but soccer is an international equalizer.

Jesus and Armando will weave in and out of our story several times.


To continue this series, click, Five Hours South of the Border – Christmas Eve: Part I


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