Five Hours South of the Border – Christmas Dinners

12-25-06After the Christmas Sacrament meeting, the members file out of the chapel but no one wants to go home. Some are wearing clothing they received last night from our deliveries. The Branch President loads all the remaining bags of gifts in his truck and assures us they will all be delivered within a few hours.

The children, including most from our group, are all outside enjoying the welcome sun that has finally replaced the rain. They are playing tag or something that requires all to run around shrieking in excitement. By now, the American children have no problem mixing with the Mexicans.

We all drive back to the campground to enjoy our own potluck Christmas dinner. We had smoked pork Justin had prepared a few days prior to the trip. Along with that we had hot dogs, chips, rolls, and drinks. For dessert there were ample Christmas treats and three cakes.

12-25-08Two of the cakes were made by Sister Leti, a member of the branch who makes them for a living. They are Tres Leches cakes. There is no way to describe their heavenly taste except to say that if Tres Leches was manna from heaven, the Children of Israel would gladly have remained wandering in the wilderness forever. It was that good.

We also had a chocolate flan cake that Karen purchased the day before. That was also quite good.

12-25-12After we had all filled ourselves, Ramon announced that Sister Leti had invited the entire group to her relative’s house for Christmas dinner – great timing, Ramon.

So, after digesting for a few hours, most of us headed over for our second Christmas dinner. She was serving homemade tamales and tacos. Off to the side of the kitchen, there were people making tortillas. Meagan and Ramon headed over there to learn this craft.

ramon-27The food was great. But only after we ate the tacos did they tell us it was made from goat. I am not exactly sure what facial expression I made, but soon the whole household was laughing at me.

Being laughed at was one of my skills.

Sister Leti’s daughter, son-in-law, and new granddaughter were there as well. They were visiting from American Fork.

12-25-09This allowed me to exercise my greatest skill, holding a baby.

When we were done eating, we walked over to Sister Leti’s mother’s house where we sat and visited. This was the third year the Roberts spent Christmas in this home and they told hilarious stories of their previous experiences.

When it came time to leave, our several hosts invited us to come any time, Christmas or whenever, to visit. They were sincere. They loved to have us in their home in spite of the language barrier.

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