Five Hours South of the Border – Origins: Part II


Having lost the association with the Christian group, the Roberts were discouraged at this unanticipated turn of events. Christmas was 10 days away. This experience was to be their Christmas. As such, they had not purchased any gifts, and their kids were excited to go and serve. They had no idea what to do.

The very next morning the Branch President in San Quintin responded for the first time to Ramon’s two-month-old Facebook message. Ramon explained the situation, and the branch president didn’t hesitate a second. He said, “Come anyway!”

He explained that the primary president’s home had recently blown up from a gas leak and the branch was working together to help with repairs. The Branch President explained they could really use the extra hands. He said: “Come and work side by side with us.”

So, they decided to take the leap of faith and go for it.


hey decided to take a few things to the branch members as gifts. That decision opened the flood gates of heaven. Almost immediately things started happening. In 10 days, the generosity of others quickly yielded over 1,000 pounds of clothes, as well as kitchen items, toys, and tools to take to the San Quintin branch.

Now they had a problem of transport. How would they get these items across the border?

They had been considering a motorhome purchase for a while. Just a week before Christmas, an older motorhome became available. It was way below value and in their price range. They jumped at this miracle and purchased the motorhome.

Transportation was solved.

Armed with a map, motorhome, and Ramon’s two-decades-old missionary Spanish, they left for San Quintin on a wing and a prayer. They were most worried about crossing the border. They had far exceeded their maximum allotment allowed by customs when entering Mexico. They had the items inventoried and were prepared to pay the taxes.

As they were making their way to the border, they received spiritual assurances that regardless of the obstacles, they would be safe. In fact, Jenni received her witness as she was taking her turn to drive. While driving, she was having a mental conversation with Ramon’s mom who had died two years earlier. Ramon’s mom was committed to humanitarian service long before her death.

Through the spirit, Ramon’s mom assured Jenni that legions of angels would be on “security detail” for the family during the trip and they had no need to fear. Jenni and Ramon both felt they should hang a small yellow triangle on their back windows stating “Angels on Board.”

They would test this angelic protection at the border.


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