Elder J. Jarman: The City of Babel

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Jarman’s recent letter home:

My area is called Flushing. It’s literally the City of Babel here!
There are 4 languages in the zone- Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English.
Also, there are like, NO Koreans! But I’ve spoken probably just as
much Mandarin. Like, there are Chinese everywhere. I’ve legit passed
out so many pamphlets. It’s hard, because we can never find a Korean
on the street, and when we do, my companions just speak so fast that I
don’t know what they’re saying, so I’m not sure how to help, but I’ll
get there for sure!  I’m supposed to be getting better out here so
that I can teach lessons and talk to people in the Branch, but I’m
speaking in English 80% of the time. It’s a unique challenge.


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