Sister E. Moore: Visitor Center Miralces

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

Well I thought I’d start out with this because we were there almost every single day this week. It was crazy. That can be kind of hard because then we’re not in our area a ton and since we live so far from the visitors center it takes a while to get out there. BUT that is okay because we know God is mindful of us. Even though we didn’t have a lot of time to find new investigators we got a referral from FOL to drop off a Book of Mormon. We did that and taught them some about it and set a return appointment! And we got 2 new investigators out of it 🙂 but they’re 7th day Adventists so wish us luck haha! 

There are so many miracles every night from Festival and I wish I could remember all of them. One lady yesterday watched the Christmas video and then I started talking to her about the scriptures. She believed in Jesus Christ but wasn’t really religious. I bore my testimony of the scriptures and offered to have missionaries drop off a bible and Book of Mormon. I wasn’t sure she would agree, but after I shared my personal testimony of the scriptures she said yes! And she said she was looking forward to hearing from the missionaries! 

I taught another family from Nigeria in front of the temple model. They loved it! The 13 year old asked me the difference between our church and Catholicism and I was able to share about the Book of Mormon and share Moroni’s promise. I was her age when I first took that challenge and I asked her if she would do the same. She said yes, and she was very excited to find out if it is true for herself. The scriptures are powerful!



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