Sister R. Moore: Do Not Hesitate

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

My mission president gave me this advice during my interview this week- DO NOT HESITATE. We all have promptings, whether they are random thoughts or distinct feelings or dreams or whatever they may be. I feel like most of mine are random thoughts. But hey, that’s totally okay because the Lord has chosen me to work through, and he’s not going to let me ruin his work! And the more we just do what we feel, the more the Lord can trust us and we begin to recognize the promptings of the spirit! That’s really the only way to recognize promptings in the first place is to start acting on EVERYTHING. I have gotten pretty good at making myself follow every thought, but there are times where I have hesitated.

This week I began focusing on not hesitating, and we have seen miracles! We felt like we should leave a sticky note on a less actives door that we were trying to contact, and by staying a bit longer, they came and answered the door! 

Then on Saturday  a street and a potential came into my head, so we didn’t worry about our plans and headed over there. Not only did we teach a lesson and contact someone at the potential’s house, but as we were leaving that area we saw a single older lady in our ward at her house, and she was doing the last of her moving! We had been trying to plan a time when we could go over that week to help her, but it never happened- until the spirit told us to be in a certain place at the right time!



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