Sister E. Moore: Visitor Center Miracles

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

There have been so many miracles every night at the visitors center!

One happened last Saturday. I was near the front and a saw a man and a boy just standing there. I started talking to him and could tell pretty quickly that he wasn’t a member (that is a fun game we play with everyone we talk to 😉). I offered to take him and his son over to the temple model and explain what we do inside the temple. He said he’d love that but asked me to wait for the rest of his group. I continued talking to him and found out he was from Sri Lanka and was Buddhist. When his group came inside I was surprised to find that not only was it his family, but 2 other families as well! So we went to the temple model and I was teaching 12+ people which is not what I am used to! I showed them all the rooms in the temple and explained how important they are. I testified of forever families and how much the gospel has blessed my life. They loved it and when I offered to send them a Book of Mormon and some missionaries who could share more they all wanted that! It was so awesome, I was able to fill out 3 referral cards in one teaching experience. I am so excited for those families!


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