Sister E. Moore: Christmas Tracting

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

Well it’s December so what does that mean?!? CHRISTMAS!!! We have been so excited all week, listening to the Forgotten Carols on repeat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also we have started a thing called “Christmas Tracting” where we carol when we tract. We also thought about adding in the factor that we would only knock the houses with lights on them but that would narrow it down to like 3 houses per street and we figured God loves the other people on the street just as much, haha. And if we had done that we wouldn’t have found our miracle, Michelle!

So it was December 1st and we decided it was time to start caroling. We picked the most festive street in our area, Holiday Lane, to start off the season! The 2nd house we knocked on Michelle answered. We sang for her and she was so happy! Then we asked if we could share the light the world video and she said yes. About half way through she started crying and then sobbing. Tears filled our eyes as well, it was such a tender moment. Michelle explained to us that she’s a school nurse but she had just returned home from a meeting where they told her they didn’t need her anymore as a nurse. She was so upset and hadn’t even sat down when we knocked and started singing. We came at just the right time! She got sick this weekend so hopefully we’ll be able to meet with her again this week!


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