Elder J. Jarman: The Handshake

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Jarman’s recent letter home:

As Elder Anderson is leaving, he shakes the hands of some elders and sisters in the audience. He comes up the row I’m on. And I’m near the aisle. kind of. I was the 5th person in. However, me and my companion made a deal that if he came our way, we’d shake his hand. So, he shakes the hand of elders one, two, and three. Then my Companion. I shoot out my hand to shake his. I’m on those big screens on the sides of the meeting room. Just as i put out my hand, he turns away. Friends and family, I got curved by an Apostle. Almost. He notices and turns back around and laughs and shakes my hand, and then starts the next row. So, I got a pity handshake at least😅

More than anything, I’m grateful for the chance that I have to put everything, everything on hold for 24 months so that I can serve the Lord. I don’t have to focus on school, friends, family, dating, working, and everything else. All of my energies are focused on serving the Lord, and I can’t express how grateful I am for that opportunity to act as God’s mouthpiece. I love Him, and I love His church. How magnificent an opportunity to bring this overwhelming joy to my brothers and sisters, wherever they are or whatever they speak. I love you all, and I hope and pray that you can feel God’s love for you this Thanksgiving. Because even if it seems like you have nothing else, you’ve got that. You’ve always got that. Happy Thanksgiving. 


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