Sister R. Moore: I Love to See the Temple

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

I also am so grateful for temples! We get the opportunity this season to work at the Temple Visitor Center for their “Festival of Lights” (like a smaller version of Temple Square at Christmastime) and since we’ve been inviting everyone we talk to about it, it’s been cool to hear their thoughts of the temple. Many comment of how beautiful it is and how they would love to visit. I’ve even heard people say that when they were younger they used to pass it and think it was a Disneyworld castle! How blessed are we to know that it is much better than a castle, because it is the House of the Lord.

It’s also been cool because ever since we visited the temple with Nicole she has had an even stronger drive to read her scriptures and prepare herself for her baptism! Teaching the Law of Chastity was easy with the temple to reference 🙂 I love the effect the temple can have on our lives, even just by a simple visit next to it!


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