Sister E. Moore: Open Your Mouth

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

There are a lot of different ways to contact people as a missionary, and talking to random people isn’t always easy. Actually it’s never easy. There are still days that I see a sketchy looking person and I don’t want to contact them. And you know what? Sometimes it is horrible when you contact them. Sometimes it is much easier to invite them to see the Christmas lights at the temple and leave it at that. BUT THEN YOU NEVER KNOW IF THEY’RE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE! This week we were contacting this girl and she was super nice and we had invited her to the lights and to church and we were going to leave it at that, but then we said, “would you be interested in learning more from missionaries?” And she said yes! So we took down her information and passed it to missionaries in Gaithersburg. If we had left it at that comfortable level, we would have never known. I think the same principle applies to member missionary work. As you invite your friends to an activity, listen to the spirit. If you feel it is right, invite them to meet with missionaries! You never know what they’ll say until you ask. And as you do it in a loving manner, it won’t affect your friendship. If anything it will make them feel like you care more. 


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