A Pocket Full of Rocks

rocks1He came to God with nothing more than a pocket full of rocks.

God really doesn’t need us. He can do everything on His own. But that is not His plan. He wants to create a partnership with us. This is what they needed to learn.

The Jaredites left a culture which prided itself on independence from God. While on their trek, the Jaredites had gone from independence to total dependence on God.

rocks2This dramatic swing between each extreme was necessary for God to transition the people to interdependency. We see this change when they build the barges.

Once they arrived at the seashore, the Jaredites had no idea what was next.

As usual, when they had questions, they relied on the Brother of Jared to ask God. So, he climbed some local mountain to pray.

As usual, God told him exactly what to do – build barges.

rocks3As usual, the Brother of Jared and his people obeyed.

Nearing the completion of the strange vessels, the Jaredites noticed two critical problems – no light and no air.

As usual, the Brother of Jared hiked up some local mountain and sought a solution. Surely, God would solve his problem.

When the Brother of Jared asked about the light and air, God told him how to resolve the air issue. In his excitement, the Brother of Jared ran down the mountain and explained to his people how to get air into the barges.

Once that was done, they reminded their leader there was still no light. He forgot to have God to solve the light issue.

As usual, he ran back up the mountain to have God solve that problem.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, the Brother of Jared reported that they had implemented God’s air solution, but he would really appreciate God’s help in solving the light problem.

Now God was ready to change things.

Instead of giving him an answer, God asked the Brother of Jared what he wanted God to do?


This was not the usual way.

If the brother of Jared had a solution, he wouldn’t have asked God. Besides, God had always solved their problems in the past.

Then God went on to tell the Brother of Jared what they couldn’t do. They couldn’t use a fire and they couldn’t have windows.

Why was God being so unhelpful? Was He mad?

God challenged the Brother of Jared to come back when he had a solution.


So, for the first time on this journey, the people were forced to work together to seek a solution. After much debate and some frustration, they decided to craft crystals from rocks in the hopes that God would touch them and make them glow.

Was this the right solution?

Is this what God wanted?

What if they were wrong?

Now, the Brother of Jared made the lonely climb up the mountain slightly embarrassed that their solution seemed so lame.

He came to God with nothing more than a pocket full of rocks.


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