Elder I. Batman: Happy in his new Area

Here is an excerpt from Elder I. Batman’s recent letter home:

LOVE IT HERE IN MITRE. The Barrio here is so organized and willing to help in the missionary work. They are very kind, and theres like 150 people attending. Its so much differnent than the little Rama in Monteros.Change is good.  It is beautiful here. Its very mountainous. We are like in a small valley surrounded by big hills. It is not humid here. Its really like if you mixed Utah and Portland Together. Its been raining a lot, Ive been just been using my boots here. The dirt roads are trashed, so I think Ill just wear my dress shoes for Sundays. . The members are very great They are very willing to come out and work with us and meet us at appointments. It really makes a huge difference when a member is a part of lessons. We only had one lesson this week where a member WASNT there.


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