A New Dynamic

change1God changed the dynamic.

Of course, that is what He likes to do.

The Jaredites left the chaos of their now fractured society purely on faith. The idea of not having control over their lives was completely foreign to them. Sure, it would be the same for most of us if we were asked up leave everything behind. But this small band of Jaredites stemmed from a culture entrenched in the notion that they controlled their destinies.

God changed the dynamic.

He gave them a hope of a promised land away from the confusion created by confounding the language. They were excited about that prospect. They were all familiar with the City of Enoch that was taken home to God for their righteousness. Now, they were poised to, perhaps, duplicate that miracle.

But God failed to tell them the location of this promised land and when they would get there.

change2-2My guess is the Jaredites found this sense of uncertainty extremely disconcerting especially coming out a culture of certitude. Now they were wandering to an undiscovered country completely stripped of any semblance of control.

God changed the dynamic.

They did, however, have a leader whom they trusted. He was a man of great spiritual strength. Yet he was as clueless as they were. But he didn’t let his uncertainty control his faith. No, the Brother of Jared was the first one to surrender his pride and throw himself on the mercy of God.

Each time his people faced a challenge, the Brother of Jared would pray and God would instantly respond. The longer their journey, the greater the obstacles, the more immediate and tangible were God’s answers.

God changed the dynamic.

Gradually, the people got it. They learned to rely on God. Each time a prayer was answered, the more willing they were to sever the cords of their culture.

change3But this cycle of dependency was not the dynamic God wanted. Sure, He wanted them to rely on Him. But He didn’t want them to be so dependent that they would do nothing without His intervention. Faith in God is not simply sitting around and letting Him do all the work. Rather, faith in God is often rooted in our ability to move forward even without Him clearing the path.

God changed the dynamic.

After four long years of traveling, they finally arrived at the ocean’s shore. But now the pendulum of their relationship with God had reached the opposite extreme. Because of their total dependence on God, their relationship with Him became casual. As a result, they reverted back to their old mindset that they didn’t need Him.

Even the Brother of Jared fell prey to the disease of ingratitude. But after giving the Brother of Jared a three-hour lecture, God changed the dynamic.

We will see how God helped the Brother of Jared and his people achieve this delicate balance of interdependency as the prepared to cross the vast ocean.


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