Altering a Culture

culture1When the language was confounded, everything changed.

The people were amazed how rapidly the inability to communicate altered their society.

culture2At first, families and friends gathered in the hopes they could still communicate. Some were lucky enough to share the same language with those they knew and loved. Others were not so lucky. When they discovered their inability to speak with loved ones, those strong bonds of family and friendship were strained and eventually snapped.

Those who were now isolated from their familiar bonds sought out those with whom they could communicate. This took time. Lots of time. But eventually the people found those who shared their language and started establishing new relationships.

It amazed them at how much communication controlled their lives.

culture3But this realignment of society was the catalyst to greater chaos.

Which group should live in the capitol?

Who should run the government?

Who should lead the military?

Who should run the farms, the shops, and the places of industry?

Who should live in homes where the language was not in common?

What about marriages and child/parent relationships?

Now, all the energy the people had expended to build the tower, that monument to human arrogance, was diverted to resolving conflict, contention, and chaos.

Perhaps this was why God confounded the languages. This seemingly cruel act to inhibit communication, in reality spared the people who are committed to a sure path towards destruction.

But there was a small group of people spared this confusion. Those 24 or so who were closely associated with Jared and his brother did not have their language confounded.

Still, this created a problem for them as well, a serious problem.

Because they were the only ones who maintained their native tongue, they, too, were isolated from the rest. No one could understand them and they could not understand the others.

Again, this was by divine decree.

culture4God wanted to separate this handful of righteous from the clutches of their cynical culture. He knew it would be too hard to get these people to leave prior to the tower. The tugs and pulls of their culture were far too strong.

Now, in the midst of this societal meltdown, leaving was made much easier.

So, this small band of righteous people gathered all their possessions and willingly left behind the budding conflicts that would soon tear their society apart.

But for God, this separation of the small clan was only the first step. These valiant souls were still steeped in the culture that gave birth the tower.

How could God purge them of their cultural tendency to displace Him with their own ingenuity?

What could God do to completely alter a deeply ingrained mindset?

These question are more easily answered by looking differently at the strange, miraculous, and wonderful voyage of the Jaredites.

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