Sister R. Moore: The Atonement

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

I also have realized, I feel like I have never used the atonement more fully and frequently than I have on my mission. Not because I’m being super rebellious or anything- the commandments are pretty easy to keep as a missionary, when they’re what your whole life revolves around :). But I am still constantly messing up, not doing things quite right, and not always making the best decisions. And so every day I am working on fully repenting when I do something wrong- and the little bits of peace and joy that come from fully fixing and changing yourself is amazing! It helps me really feel like I am learning, I am seeking to improve, and I am making progress. There is no better joy than striving to live in such a way where you can fully use the atonement daily. It’s a work in progress, and it probably always will be, but why not take advantage of the joy that is still available for us imperfect people?

They Meet Again



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