Elder J. Morgan: Torn Pants, Cookies, and Gum

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Morgan’s recent letter home:

One more funny story. Elder Solov’iov and I got on the Trolleybus yesterday, and as he sat down, he ripped his pants… pretty badly ha ha. Well, we were on our way to an appointment, and when we got there, he left his coat on that way the member wouldn’t notice the hole on his pants. She asked him to take his coat off, but really quickly said “I’m cold, I’m fine :D!!”. Later this member brought some Compote and Cookies out, and I had a piece of Gum in my mouth, and I felt so bad, because earlier I wanted to spit it out, but couldn’t see a garbage can in sight. Well, she looked at me, and said “What’s wrong? Is it not delicious?”. I was chewing on one side of my mouth and was eating very slowly. “No! It is very delicious!! I just have some… Gum in my mouth… :o”. She told me to spit it out on a napkin. I swallowed the Gum, and she said “Did you swallow the gum!?” and I said “Umm… Maybe :D?” and all of us began to crack up. Hopefully that doesn’t happen next time ha ha, I should know better!


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