Sister R. Moore: The Obstacle of Agency

Here is in excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

I have realized that one of the hardest parts of missionary work is people’s agency. Of course, I have to remind myself that agency is one of God’s greatest gifts to man, but when people are flakey (and we ALL are sometimes, let’s be honest) it is difficult to see that gift in a good light. We had one day in particular this week that was basically set up with member-present lessons for the whole day, when that morning half of them cancelled last minute. And after lots of stress of finding members and planning so the day would flow smoothly, it was easy to become frustrated with people and their agency! However, as I tried to find ways to still help our day go well, I realized how it really doesn’t matter what people choose to do. In the long run, it will affect them a lot more than it will affect me. The only person’s agency that really matters is that of ourselves- in particular on how we respond to others’ agency.



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