Sister I. Morgan: The Gospel is Great!

Here is an excerpt from Sister I. Morgan’s recent letter home:

If you remember Alina and Kkarina from Georgia, I found out that they just received their patriarchal blessings. I called them both to see how it went and they both were just so happy and they kept telling me how they love the gospel and how grateful they are for it. It made me happy to know they are still so strong in the gospel and are continuing to strengthening their testimonies of the gospel and now they are both preparing to go to the temple.

This gospel really is great. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring that true happiness and that true peace into our lives. As long as we rely on the savior he will be there to help us with whatever struggles we are going through and it’s through those trials that we get to know our Savior better and come closer to him, if we choose to do so.


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