Sister R. Moore: Explaining Christ

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

This weekend was one of extremes in experiences. That’s one thing I love about this mission- the diversity here is crazy! I know I always talk about it, but it continues to amaze me every day. One of our investigators Tai is from Vietnam. As we began to teach him this week, we realized that he had no understanding of Jesus Christ or really anything to do with God- when we asked him if he knew what prophets were he said “like the stuff you earn, right?” It was such a cool experience to try to understand where he was coming from and explain how Jesus Christ can be a light and relief in his life. He was telling us that he was content and happy with his life, but when we brought up that Jesus Christ can cleanse us from our sins, he began to become interested. He really wanted to be forgiven for things he had done in the past, and was amazed at the idea that Christ could help with that. I loved being able to bear testimony of feeling cleansed for things I have done wrong, and how Jesus Christ helped me get to that point. And his prayer after was so sweet- the first prayer he has ever said, probably. It’s the little things sometimes that bring so much joy, and that is one experience I will never forget.


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